Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

In various cases litigation can prove time-consuming and costly, therefore we always evaluate the most appropriate and effective strategies to reach our clients’ goals and often recommend the usage of arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (conciliation, early neutral evaluation, moderated settlement etc.) as pragmatic ways to meet our clients' needs, while managing at the same time the costs, time and stress triggered by a lawsuit.

Our team of lawyers has achieved substantial experience both in national arbitration, as well as in the field of international commercial and investment arbitration proceedings, providing assistance and representation legal services before the Dispute Adjudication Board, the International Court of Arbitration – ICC Paris and the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes – ICSID Washington. The disputes in which we provided legal assistance and representation have ocurred as a result of the implementation of various projects in connection with major investments (higways, energy, oil and gas, water treatment plants, investments for the privatization of Romanian companies etc).

In addition to successfully representing clients in commercial arbitration proceedings, we have also provide legal services in court proceedings that deal with arbitration issues, including requests to approve or set aside arbitration awards, or to recognize and enforce foreign arbitration awards.

Our significant experience of conducting arbitration proceedings under various key institutional rules, as well as our ability to provide pragmatic counsel and make strategic decisions have won our client’s confidence. Also, our impeccable rendering of legal services enabled us to build excellent relationships with the most respected arbitrators and arbitration practitioners worldwide.