Litigation and Enforcement Procedures

In an intensely competitive global marketplace, disputes are inevitable. Our team of lawyers has successfully provided assistance and representation legal services before all competent Romanian courts of law in complex civil and commercial litigations, public law disputes, employment litigations, tax related disputes, enforcement procedures and litigation matters related to public procurement.

We have acted for a large portfolio of clients of all sizes (both natural and legal persons, local, regional and national authorities and institutions etc.), advising them and representing their rights and interests in delicate and complex litigations in a variety of legal fields, as well as in connection with enforcement measures and the relevant procedure conducted by the enforcement officers.

Our approach as regards bulding a legal strategy for succes consists of a thoughrough assessment of each dispute and identifying the client's potential risk, in view of mitigating it. Thus, we always try to find the most appropriate solution to resolve a dispute by favoring a pragmatic approach in line with the client’s objectives. The long-standing experience in the field and the in-depth knowledge of all of our lawyers ensure the most efficient and successful approach to each case.