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TOADER & ASSOCIATES Attorneys at Law is a local firm that was established based on its founding members’ passion for the legal profession, as well on their will to capitalize the extensive experience acquired insofar and building up a law firm providing top quality tailored legal services in various areas of expertise, both on local market and also overseas.

Our law firm was founded on a strong set of professional and human values, on top of which resides the aim to always providing reliable legal advice at an uncompromising quality of our services in order to bring added-value to our clients’ business in new and innovative ways. Our portfolio of clients includes a broad spectrum of clients of all sizes (both natural and legal persons, local, regional and national authorities and institutions etc.)

What makes Toader & Associates Attorneys at Law different is that we guide our activity by the belief that there are no problems, but solutions. Therefore, we approach every entrusted mandate by analysing the specific case within detail, and provide our clients more than a theoretical legal review, but a custom-made legal advice and a business solution to best match our clients’ needs.

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